Hunted Part 7 – Survival

Jiro rose to a crouch, moved over to the generator’s left edge and peeked. A second laser shot pounded the generator. Jiro fired toward the source back in the trees, then slid back behind the generator. A third blast hit the outpost wall behind him, causing him to shield his head. A fourth and fifth […]

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Hunted Part 5 – Camouflage

Progress slowed. Daichi slumped into Jiro, trying to maintain his balance as they limped along. His left foot barely touched the ground, yet even that much caused him to gasp. Those exhalations worried Jiro more than anything. His father had always silently borne any pains, a trait Noboru and Jiro had always tried to emulate. […]

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Hunted Part 4 – Lead the Troops

Jiro stared at the Malsain talking over his unconscious father. The Malsain with light green scales pointed at Daichi, then gestured back in the general direction of the ship. Jiro scowled. If only he had his tradutor to translate. The Malsain kept eyeing and gesturing into the forest as they rapidly spoke. To Jiro’s fearful […]

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Hunted Part 2 – Stranded

Jiro woke to a pounding headache. He lifted his arms to cradle his head, but his right arm convulsed, forcing a gasp from his lips. A large rock dug into his side. What happened? “Jiro. Jiro, are you okay?” Daichi’s words, laced with pain, brought Jiro wide awake. Jiro pushed himself up with his left […]

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Hunted Part 1 – The Exomoon

Jiro Takeda reviewed the hunting details for a rhino hog on Herne for the fifth time on his tablet, his excitement preventing him from focusing for more than a line or two. He could recite most of the information on his tablet, but kept pouring through it repeatedly for some new detail that might ensure […]

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